Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Meet Corey F.

Corey was a stay at home mom with no time for herself. One day she looked in the mirror and decided it was time for a change...

Beautiful, confident, credible, classy, sassy, fun and easy-going express Corey's ideal image for herself.

Before getting married, Corey had her own photography business as well as being a newspaper reporter for a daily paper in Central California. She put her career on hold to have a family. She shares, "Since quitting my job to have children, my personal maintenance went from minimal to zilch." After deciding to start her photography business again, this time in the big city, she realized she would have to address her image in order to be taken seriously.

When Corey came to me, the first thing I saw was red. Her face is very flushed and full of color. So much so that you don’t notice her great eye color or how perfectly her lips are shaped. I knew that toning down the red would give Corey a whole new look that would naturally enhance her best features. Add a great hair cut and color and you have a transformed mom ready to re-enter the working world.

After her make-over Corey says, "My make-over makes me feel like a movie star. It seems as though people are noticing me, and I feel more confident. When I walk around in the financial district, I can't believe my reflection. This is me, only better. This must be what movie stars feel like on the red carpet."

Corey sent me this note recently about my Mineral Cosmetics line, "I've been meaning to tell you for a while, I LOVE my foundation!!! I cannot live without it! It makes my skin even...no more redness. And, it feels good. I love it!

Thank you Corey!

Message in this story - Moms have images too! Set the example for your children to follow.

Make-overs performed with Face Options Mineral Cosmetics
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At 7:02 PM, Blogger Corey S. Flynn said...

Hi Linda!
My daughter just played with my makeup while I was making dinner so I came to your site to see how I should clean my makeup brushes. I absolutely cannot live without my foundation and my foundation brush so you'll see an order from me soon!
I love keeping up to date with your web site, newsletters and now a blog!
Lady, you are amazing!!
Thank you again for the makeover. I use all of your tips and am continually amazed at how silky the foundation feels on my skin.
You're the best!


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